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Audit Quality Control

To ensure the independence, integrity and objectivity of our results, we have implemented strict quality control methodologies that range from assessment of staff performance, goal attainment and standards compliance to each partner's active involvement in the planning, analysis and review of working papers, overseeing the critical work areas and preparing letters and reports.

Starting in 2008, thanks to its standard of quality and ethics, Russell Bedford International was named among the first 17 full members of the IFAC Forum of Firms, an association of international audit networks.

Our team members receive a minimum of 80 hours training per year. Our firm is certified as trainer by the Mexican College of Public Accountants (Colegio de Contadores Públicos de México).

As all members of Russell Bedford International, our procedures and policies are periodically reviewed by international partners who certify our efficacy and efficiency. We are in full compliance with Mexican professional regulations and all applicable Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) rules.

For the third consecutive year, we are one of The Companies Where All Want To Work.