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Calle Belisario Domínguez #2120 Piso 5 entre Emilio Zola y Cerro de Picachos
Col. Obispado C.P. 64000
Monterrey, Nuevo León

T: +52 81 8345 7000
F: +52 81 8647 8836
E: briojas@russellbedford.mx


No. of Partners: 5                                                                    
Professional and Administrative Staff: 75                                      
Languages: Spanish, English, Korean
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  • Baldomero Riojas
  • Ricardo Troncoso
  • Héctor Candelaria
  • Pedro Muñiz
  • Alicia Yun (윤정)


Name: Baldomero Rojas
E-mail:  briojas@russellbedford.mx
Area of specialization: Tax, Audit IMSS and INFONAVIT

Education: Baldomero has a degree from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Studies

Professional experience: Certified Public Accountant with almost 20 years of professional experience in tax planning. Baldomero is a founding partner of the firm, where he leads the tax and real estate departments. He was an auditor and tax practitioner at the firm Zamora Moreno y Asociados, S.C., and has also acted as liquidator for a wide range of Monterrey companies. He is registered to audit financial statements for tax purposes with the Mexican tax authority.

Featured recognitions: He was a professor of taxation at the University of Northeast Mexico. He is currently involved in the Master of Taxation program at the Executive Specialization Institute and is a member of the Training and Independent Practice Commission of the Nuevo León Institute of Public Accountants. He is a specialist in audit and fidei commissum inheritance trusts.

Name: Ricardo Troncoso
Area of specialization: Audit, Accounting

Education: Certified Public Accountant by the Institute of Public Accountants of Nuevo León. He has a Master in Management from the University of Monterrey

Professional experience: With more than 20 years of experience in audit and accounting, Ricardo is a founding partner of the firm. He is registered to audit financial statements for tax purposes with Mexico's tax authority. Before establishing his own firm he was an auditor at Arthur Andersen and Controller of Laboratorios Griffith. Ricardo is a CPA and auditor, Ricardo specializes in the fields of taxation and accounting.

Featured recognitions: Master in Management from the University of Monterrey.

Name: Héctor Candelaria
E-mail: hcandelaria@russellbedford.mx
Area of specialization: Audit

Education: Certified Public Accountant and Auditor by the University Studies Centre of Monterrey, N.L. 

Professional Experience: With more then 23 years of experience in the Audit area, he has worked for other international firms of Public Accountants. He has experience in the oil, services and public industry. In Russell Bedford, he has had projects like Funds Federal Revisions (CONACYT y SE), also like responsible of the Quality Centre in Audit at ICPNL.

Featured recognitions: Master in Taxes and Corporate Finances. He was member of the committee of Regulation of the Quality Control of the ICPNL.

Name: Pedro Muñiz
E-mail: pmuniz@russellbedford.mx
Area of specialization: Tax, Legal Services and Transfer Pricing

Education: Public Accountant and Auditor by the Autonomous University of Nuevo León, UANL.

Professional Experience: With more than 20 years of experience in Tax, Accounting and Legal services. Also,he has worked for other international firms of Public Accountants for 14 years, where he was Tax and Legal Services manager. He has been an adviser for companies of different industries like manufacturing, telecommunications, public transportation, alimentary, tourism, commerce, among others. Additionally, his experience includes IMSS and INFONAVIT report. He has worked for companies of logistic and alimentary industries.

Featured recognitions: Actually, he is speaker for the Insitute of Specialization for Executives of Monterrey (IEE), also for the Institute of Public Accountants of Nuevo León (ICPNL), with the topics “Tax Regimen for Public Transportation”, “Tax Regimen of the Primary Sector”, among others.  Actually, he is member of the ICPNL like partner.

Services provided: Audit, Tax consulting, Accounting, Business Legal Consulting, Audit IMSS and INFONAVIT, Payroll, Transfer Pricing, Korean Desk

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