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Teziutlán Sur 38 Esq. 3 Poniente,
Col. La Paz, 72160,

T: +52 22 2245 5730
F: +52 22 2245 5730 Ext. 102
E: aaguila@russellbedford.mx


Number of partners: 5
Professional ans Administrative Staff:   28
Languages:   Spanish, English



  • Armando Águila B.
  • Emilio Antonio Román Villatoro
  • Ramón Camino
  • Xóchitl Contreras
  • Esteban Macuil


Name: Armando Águila Baeza
E-mail: aaguila@russellbedford.mx
Area of specialization: Taxes 

Education: Ceritfied Public Accountant 

Professional experience: With 16 years of professional experience, Armando worked for eight years at PricewaterhouseCoopers as legal and tax manager. For the last eight years he has been tax consulting partner at Advy Planning & Compliance. He has advised some of the top companies in the automotive industry, such as Volkswagen de México, Faurecia, Kautex Textron and others, in addition to FTE Mexicana, Rohm & Haas and Magna Autotek.

Name: Emilio Antonio Román Villatoro
E-mail:  eroman@russellbedford.mx
Area of specialization: Audit and Outsourcing 

Education: Certified Public Accountant with with degrees in Management and Business Advisory in the Institute of Technology and Higher Studies of Monterrey

Professional experience: A certified public accountant with 27 years of audit experience with industrial, commercial and service concerns, Emilio has extensive expertise in audit processes, accounting principles, internal process controls, management and taxes. He worked for 19 years at PwC as a senior audit manager, and has been the audit partner at Advy Planning & Compliance for the past seven years.

Name: José Ramón Camino 
E-mail: rcamino@russellbedford.mx 
Area of specialization: Tax and audit

Professional experience: He has a master degree in finance administration. He’s a tax & audit specialist with almost 20 years experience.

Name: Esteban Macuil Rodríguez 
E-mail: emacuil@russellbedford.mx
Area of specialization: Free trade

Education: Degree en International Relations 

Professional experience: Is an expert on free trade, maquiladora regulations and the automotive industry, as well as customs rules. With 17 years of experience in such companies as Dina Group, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Advy Planning & Compliance, he has also worked as Executive and Teamwork Coach at various companies.

Name: Xóchitl Contreras
E-mail: xcontreras@russellbedford.mx
Area of specialization: Transfer Pricing

Education: Bachelor degree in economics

Professional experience: Specialist in the area of transfer pricing and economic consulting. She has an extensive knowledge on issues related to transfer pricing documentation, financial valuations of intangible assets, advice for obtaining unilateral and bilateral advance pricing agreements (APAs), customer audits and audit processes in transfer pricing, share dumpings, restructuring advisor groups, among others. She was Associate in the area of transfer pricing in the Chevez, Ruiz, Zamarripa y Cia, S.C. Firm, and previously served in this area in firms such as Deloitte and Kreston International. 

Services provided: Fiscal Consultancy and Legal, Audit, Tax, Accounting, Due Diligence, Financial Consulting and Human Resources