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Staffing save... Staff management without risk


We are experts in Human Resources and STAFFING solutions 

SCI is registered as staff manager and it is specialised in STAFFING and Human Resources solutions.

  • We elaborate a service according to the needs of our clients, with the work conditions (according to law or superior),  from candidate till a complete staff team
  • We are registered as staff manager, supported by a solid internal structure and the support of an International Firm 
  • We fulfill with the employment and tax regulations for the employees: INFONAVIT and IMSS, quotes 100%, legal benefits, fulfilling with the employer-employee 
  • We deliver to the manager the proper documentation fo the compliance of obligations (fees, bills, additons, etc.)


Our purpose is to be your strategic partner for your business in human resources.


Staffing services:

  • Staff management without risk and clear for the employers and employees 
  • We provide a regular contact with the staff hired to complement a employment satisfaction 
  • We have our own structure and specialised in process of human resources 
  • The comfort of being supported by a legal department for all labor issues of the staff hired 
  • We have a team of tax experts for the compliance of obligations

Additional Services:

  • Personnel recruitment and selection
  • Psychometric and skill tests 
  • Payroll
  • Analysis of positions, valuation and comparison of salaries and benefits
  • BPO and back office of internal processes
  • Design of organizational structures and organizational policies 
  • Optimisation and efficiency in workloads
  • Design of policies and procedures of human resources
  • Development of trainig programs and diagnosis of trainig needs (DNC)


Mexico City: (55) 5262-4800

E-mail: sci-staffing@russellbedford.mx

Roberto Ferman

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