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Financial Sector

Since the change in the financial and penal reform of 2014, Mexico has made constant changes in its regulatory framework, especially the General Provisions on prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism, which implies enormous challenges for participating financial entities. they will have to modify policies and operative processes, as well as invest in human, material and technological resources to comply with the new precepts and responsibilities.

As of the date of entry into force of the Fintech Law, the activities of the Financial Technology Institutions (ITFs) contemplated by law are considered novel models in the financial sector. Therefore, for its implementation it is required to have an express authorization issued by the National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV).

At RBM we apply the knowledge of several specialists in the financial sector to support customers and users of financial services thus generating the use of the products and services that each financial institution offers in its area of competence.

This new context implies having knowledge of the regulation of the following institutions:

  • Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit. (SHCP)
  • National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (CONDUSEF)
  • National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV)
  • National Insurance and Bonding Commission (CNSF)
  • National Commission for the Savings and Retirement System (CONSAR)
  • Bank of Mexico (BANXICO)

Our goal is to provide credibility and trust to financial institutions in compliance with the regulatory and legal framework, according with the objectives and business strategies proposed

Business consulting to Financial Sector Entities

RBM strives to create conditions that allow the design, development and implementation of methods and procedures according to the real needs of each of the clients, in the following business areas:

Legal and Regulatory
  • Analysis of regulatory compliance and audits in the area of prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism
  • Strengthening of Internal Control and Corporate Governance. Review of Compliance with Legal Aspects for the Adaptation of the Regulation and Surveillance of the Modifications.
  • Advice on accounting provisions and criteria.
  • Migration, Accounting and Systems Structure
  • Appraisals
  • Procedure and follow-up before the CNBV, CONDUSEF and other authorities
  • Other services derived from observations issued by the Bank of Mexico, CNBV, CNSF, CONSAR, CONDUSEF, Auxiliary Supervision Committee

Operational Processes
  • General Operation Plan and Methodology for its monitoring and cost reduction
  • Financial planning
  • Strengthening of the credit and collection process
  • Financial consolidation processes, corporate restructuring, and accounting methodology
  • Reduction of administrative expenses
  • Management of the Institutional Capital and the Collection Funds
  • Evaluation of the Profitability of the Business and Branches

Risk Management
  • Implementation of the Risk-Based Approach
  • Information technology
  • Cybersecurity / Data Protection

  • Opinion on the Financial Statements
  • Accompaniment and external services in matters of internal audit
  • Regulatory Compliance Audit
  • Opinion, Validation and Certification to Specific Processes

Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism (AML)
  • Audit and Issuance of the Annual Report
  • Comprehensive Training Program
  • Design of Manuals / Internal Controls / Internal Structure
  • Risk Based Approach
  • Audit and Implementation of Technological Systems to comply with regulatory provisions 

Technological Financial Institutions (FINTECH)
  • Assistance in the process of authorization, constitution, organization, operation and operation of businesses and entities subject to the Law to Regulate Financial Technology Institutions for two types of entities:
    • Electronic payment fund institutions
    • Collective financing institutions
  • Advice on regulatory matters and regulations by the Bank of Mexico and the CNBV in matters of: information security, protection of public interests and prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism
  • Advice on Virtual Assets (Cryptocurrencies) regarding to general provisions issued by the Bank of Mexico
Contact the office nearest to you:

   Mexico City: Javier Jiménez (55) 5262-4800
   Monterrey: Baldomero Riojas  (818) 345-7000 
   Guadalajara: Ernesto López Acosta  (33) 3642-2003
   Mérida: Eduardo Crespo  (999) 944-6868
   Culiacán: Francisco Gaxiola  (667) 716-0832
   San Luis Potosí: Octavio Arenas  (444) 811-9231
   Saltillo: Baldomero Riojas  (844) 452-7549
   Celaya: Gonzalo Hernández  (461) 614-5988
   Mexicali: Ilián Márquez  (653) 534-6950
   San Luis Río Colorado: Joel Torres  (653) 534-6950
   Puebla:  Armando Águila  (222) 245-5730
   Aguascalientes: Raymundo Martínez  (449) 912-1554
   La Paz: Cipriano Ceseña  (612) 129-3380
   Querétaro: Héctor Malo  (442) 216-9329
   Cd. Juárez: Esteban Estrada  (656) 687-8063
   Veracruz: Oscar Heredia  (229) 375-2756
•   Chihuahua: Alejandro Montes  (614) 413-1307


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