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Foreign Trade and Customs


Comprehensive Customs Training

There are new operational opportunities in the area of foreign trade. Importers may now appoint a Foreign Trade Legal Representative to manage all their operations. Our Comprehensive Customs Training builds these representatives’ capacities on customs, tax and legal matters in order for companies to carry out their foreign trade operations within the need for a customs broker.

Customs Mentoring-Coaching (M-CA)

We provide mentoring and coaching services as two tools to advise foreign trade personnel on how to markedly improve their professional performance, such as:

  • Improving relationship and communication abilities for better performance and productivity
  • Expanding personnel’s technical and organizational competencies

The cultural change with the entry of information technologies, the Foreign Trade Single Window and the Electronic Customs System, force companies to adopt these tools in order to have a more efficient process and provide legal security in their import-export operations, to comply with the provisions of the Customs Law.

Foreign Trade Consulting

Foreign trade operations have variants that can be a competitive advantage or a source of concern. From the requirements for the import-export of goods, until the evaluation of observations issued by a customs authority and in consequence, the response alternatives.

Customs IT Consulting

Since 2014, all foreign trade operations must be filed as electronic or digital documents, to evidence and submit filings with the authorities. Our services include:

  • Software for the administration of the Electronic Archive of Foreign Trade
  • Software for administration and control of Annex 24 and report of Annex 31
  • Security and storage protocols, to facilitate their management and avoid loss of information
  • How to meet the requirements of the customs authority in a timely manner
  • How to manage the correct protection of foreign trade operations under the required regulations

We have customs tax specialists in the international supply chain of companies, who review the processes of international trade end-to-end.

Customs Compliance Review

These reviews are intended to establish a degree of compliance with the obligations that must be fulfilled by companies that carry out foreign trade operations. With this service, you can be aware of deviations, their consequences and alternative solutions. These revisions apply to:

  • Preventive revision of foreign trade for final imports (documentaries) where it is carried out in a random (non-restrictive) manner:
  • Customs valuation
  • Customs classification
  • Tariff elimination
  • Documents of foreign trade operations
  • Information on pedimentos that alter statistical information
  • Revisions of temporary imports where, in addition to reviewing mentioned in the previous point, the destination of the temporarily imported goods and the operation of the Inventory Control System of Annex 24 and reports of Annex 31 are reviewed in case of having the Certification of VAT & IEPS. We make a special review in case they are dealing with automotive industry operations

Certifications and Programs related to Foreign Trade

Our experts participate in the analysis, preparation and presentation to obtain some of the certifications that the government grants to the business community. Our programs cover:

  • IMMEX programs in any of its modalities.
  • Register of sectoral importers
  • Sector Promotion Programs
  • Obtaining the Data Stage

In the certifications we have:

  • VAT Certification & IEPS
  • Authorized Economic Operator Certification
  • C-TPAT certification

There are new and better ways of doing things; we are experts in finding and proposing the best solutions according to the individual needs of each company.

Contact the office nearest to you:

   Mexico City: Javier Jiménez 55-5262-4800
   Monterrey: Baldomero Riojas  81-8345-7000 
   Guadalajara: Ernesto López Acosta  33-3642-2003
   Mérida: Eduardo Crespo  99-9944-6868
   Culiacán: Francisco Gaxiola  66-7716-0832
   San Luis Potosí: Octavio Arenas  44-4811-9231
   Mexicali: Ilián Márquez  65-3534-6950
   San Luis Río Colorado: Joel Torres  65-3534-6950
   Puebla:  Armando Águila  22-2245-5730
   Aguascalientes: Raymundo Martínez  44-9912-1554
   La Paz: Cipriano Ceseña  61-2129-3380
   Querétaro: Héctor Malo  44-2216-9329
   Cd. Juárez: Esteban Estrada  65-6687-8063
   Veracruz: Oscar Heredia  22-9375-2756
•   Chihuahua: Alejandro Montes  61-4413-1307


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