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Internal Control System

As a result of the growing requirements imposed on companies, the establishment of an internal control system is increasingly considered as a top priority, which helps the company achieve its objectives. An internal control system offers several advantages for business, which collectively have the ability to increase the value to shareholders.

An internal control system is a process integrated to the operational activities of the entities, designed to reasonably ensure the reliability of the financial information, which constitute the object of the examination in the external audit of financial statements and shows the importance of the internal control system for the external audit of financial statements. In addition, a robust system of internal controls helps in better management decisions based on financial information, ensures the interests of the company's shareholders are reasonably protected, improves the perception of those interested in the business, enables a better risk management, and the implementation of solid procedures.

Russell Bedford has developed general internal control systems for companies that can be easily adjusted to their needs and implemented in a short period of time.

Our services consist of the following:

Risk evaluation Knowledge of the risks to the business and industry
Process reengineering

Optimized operational performance

Implementation of internal controls (including SOX)

Risk reduction

  • Fraud prevention
  • Reduction of litigation
  • Error prevention
Information technology (IT) audit of general controls Ensures a better confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information systems
Specific controls focused on new regulations (NIF, IFRS, LPDP, PLD, GDPR, FINTECH, etc.) Ensures compliance with established standards in a controlled risk environment
Contact the office nearest to you:

   Mexico City: Javier Jiménez 55-5262-4800
   Monterrey: Baldomero Riojas  81-8345-7000 
   Guadalajara: Ernesto López Acosta  33-3642-2003
   Mérida: Eduardo Crespo  99-9944-6868
   Culiacán: Francisco Gaxiola  66-7716-0832
   San Luis Potosí: Octavio Arenas  44-4811-9231
   Mexicali: Ilián Márquez  65-3534-6950
   San Luis Río Colorado: Joel Torres  65-3534-6950
   Puebla:  Armando Águila  22-2245-5730
   Aguascalientes: Raymundo Martínez  44-9912-1554
   La Paz: Cipriano Ceseña  61-2129-3380
   Querétaro: Héctor Malo  44-2216-9329
   Cd. Juárez: Esteban Estrada  65-6687-8063
   Veracruz: Oscar Heredia  22-9375-2756
•   Chihuahua: Alejandro Montes  61-4413-1307


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For Grupo Azucarero del Trópico, Russell Bedford isn't just a top consultant to our group; it is more of a key member of our executive team. Over many years of working together, we have been able to bring together a powerful work team based on communication and trust. The firm's extensive expertise and professionalism, plus a personalized service, has led to the constant generation of value for our companies. It gives us a true pride and peace of mind to have the support of the Russell Bedford staff to assist in our decision-making and reach our goals.

Carlos Seoane, Dir. General, Grupo Azucarero del Trópico