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Our history

The world firm started operations in London more than 40 years ago, in 1983. It all began with a group of offices in a small number of countries. Today we are a team of 310 offices in more than 110 countries and with 5 thousand collaborators around the world.

In our country, Russell Bedford is composed of a network of offices -where some of them have several decades of operation- where diverse professionals decided to join and represent this international Network in Mexico, to become a better option in the face of rigid alternatives. The result of this merge is that now we are 17 offices, more than 500 staff and ranked in the 10th position into Mexican networks accounting firms, according to the last International Accounting Bulletin (IAB, Oct - 2022) survey and we compete as one of the best consulting firms in Mexico

This way, all of our offices across the country are available to offer you the whole services, with the same quality, ethics and professionalism, supported by Russell Bedford International, with yields in London.

Because we know that nowadays is not easy to have a successful company, we understand the business in all dimensions: from those who are starting and require an expert to support its accelerating growth, to those domestic and foreign firms that have consolidated his career and now they looking for a solid consulting firm that goes beyond their expectations

Regardless of the size of your business, we improve your business expectations


We have seen in Russell Bedford a professional and reliable firm which is capable to handle the job and process according with authorities’ compliance. This is a company that we are pleasant to recommend to for audit and tax advisory services

Javier Sánchez, Dir. General Adjunto, Sintenovo