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Presentation of Annex 9 of the multiple informative return (DIM)

Remember that this informative return is an obligation established in the Income Tax Law (LISR) and is related to information on operations with related parties residing abroad and in some cases, with operations with domestic related parties.

This information is directly linked to the transfer pricing study, so it will be necessary to have the analysis of operations with related parties abroad for the year 2020.

There are currently several submission deadlines:

  1. General Term

Article 76, section X, of the LISR. No later than March 31, together with the annual declaration.

  1. Option June 30

Rule 3.9.4. of the Miscellaneous Tax Resolution for 2021 (RM2021). Optionally, taxpayers can present this information no later than June 30, with the condition that there is consistency with the information declared in terms of article 76-A, section II, of the LISR (Local File).

  1. Option July 15

Rule 3.9.3. of RM2021. Taxpayers who have exercised the option to dictate their financial statements, may present the information of related parties abroad no later than the date on which they must present the opinion on financial statements.

What happens in the case of omission?

Articles 81 section XVII and 82 section XVII of the Fiscal Code of the Federation, establish as an infraction the omission of the presentation of this declaration or to present it incomplete or with errors, which can generate a fine that varies in a range of $ 86,050 to $ 172,100 MXN .

Likewise, failure to comply with this obligation may lead the tax authority to consider as non-deductible the operations carried out with foreign related parties.


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Javier Sánchez, Dir. General Adjunto, Sintenovo