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16 vulnerable non-financial activities

It is important to identify the companies or businesses that are directly or related to the following non-financial activities:

  • Practice of games with bets, contests or raffles.
  • Regular or professional issuance or commercialization of service, credit, prepaid or monetary value storage cards.
  • Issuance or habitual or professional commercialization of traveler's checks.
  • Regular or professional offering of mutual, loan or credit operations.
  • Regular or professional provision of construction or development services of real estate, as well as the intermediation and transfer of ownership or constitution of rights related to the sale of the same.
  • Commercialization or habitual or professional intermediation of metals and precious stones, jewels or watches.
  • Auctions or regular or professional marketing of works of art.
  • Commercialization or habitual or professional distribution of new or used vehicles (air, sea or land).
  • Regular or professional provision of armoring services for new or used land vehicles, as well as real estate.
  • Regular or professional provision of money transfer or custody services.
  • Provision of professional services independently (without employment relationship and when prepared or performed on behalf of a client:
  • Sale of real estate or the transfer of these.
  • Management of resources, values or any other asset.
  • Management of bank, savings or securities accounts.
  • Organization of any type of resource to establish, operate and administer commercial companies.
  • Constitution, spin-off, merger, operation and administration of legal entities or corporate vehicles, including trusts and the purchase or sale of commercial entities.
  • Provision of public trust services of notaries and public brokers.
  • Receipt of donations by non-profit entities.
  • Provision of foreign trade services as an agent or customs representative to promote the clearance of merchandise on someone else's behalf.
  • Constitution of personal rights of use or enjoyment of real estate.
  • Regular or professional offering to exchange virtual assets through digital or similar electronic platforms or provide means to guard, store or transfer virtual assets.

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