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Training is essential for professional and human development; it is the tool for our collaborators to offer the best of their abilities, maintaining an optimal level of quality and updating, developing their knowledge, skills and competencies necessary to carry out their work.

We offer different training modalities, aligning individual objectives to business strategies, policies and procedures that constitute a fundamental element in the culture of any organization, adapting to your specific requirements and under the following modalities:


Thematic areas:

  • Accounting
  • Tax
  • Financial auditing
  • Human capital and specialized services
  • Payroll
  • Social security and local contributions
  • Anti-corruption and compliance
  • Money laundering prevention


Additional services:

  • Training for any type of participants
  • Conferences
  • Delivery of certificates of participation*.
  • Integral multidisciplinary courses



Our speakers are certified partners and associates in the different professional areas, who also comply with the training requirements stipulated by the Continuing Professional Development Standard before the Mexican Institute of Public Accountants (IMCP).


*Certificate of participation with no official validity.


Contact the office nearest to you:

   Mexico City: Javier Jiménez   55-5262-4800
   Monterrey: Baldomero Riojas   81-8345-7000 
   Guadalajara: Ernesto López Acosta   33-3642-2003
   Mérida: Eduardo Crespo   99-9944-6868
   Culiacán: Francisco Gaxiola  66-7716-0832
   San Luis Potosí: Octavio Arenas  44-4811-9231
   Mexicali: Joel Torres  68-6516-3441
   San Luis Río Colorado: Daniel Beltrán  65-3534-6950
   Puebla:  Armando Águila   22-2245-5730
   Aguascalientes: Raymundo Martínez   44-9912-1554
   La Paz: Cipriano Ceseña   61-2129-3380
   Querétaro: Héctor Hibelles   44-2295-2128
   Cd. Juárez: Esteban Estrada   65-6687-8063
   Veracruz: Oscar Heredia   22-9375-2756
•   Chihuahua: Alejandro Montes   61-4413-1307
•   Nuevo Laredo: Gabino Carreño   86-7717-6471
•  Saltillo: Baldomero Riojas   84-4439-3629


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Commitment, trust and leadership are the keys to a business's constant success. Having been our tax experts for seven years, Russell Bedford has provided us with outstanding professionalism, skill and service, which have enabled our growth and competitive positioning in our sector. We appreciate the support given over the years, and wish the best for new achievements, attained goals and the development of new projects in the coming years. Congratulations.

Juan Carlos Lanau, Dir. General, México Asistencia, Mapfre