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Russell Bedford is a registered trademark and is composed of different firms (or offices, according to the chart below) in Mexico, each registered as an independent legal entity, legally constituted and registered in accordance with the laws of the United Mexican States. , which are part of a network integrated voluntarily by independent firms of professional services in Mexico, generically called "Russell Bedford". Russell Bedford (the firm) is a registered trademark in accordance with applicable federal legislation on industrial property.

The set of these firms or offices operate as a Network according to the definition of the IFAC (International Federation of Accountants) and use the name Russell Bedford under license of use granted by Russell Bedford International and registered before the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property. All the services that each office provides do it independently, so each one is solely responsible for their work, information, points of view and management of the personal information of their clients, collaborators and contacts.

The information contained in the website, newsletters and emails, is presented for informational purposes only and for general purposes, so it should not be considered as a professional opinion of the firms that make up Russell Bedford. Although Russell Bedford does its best to provide reliable and truthful information, it is a reality that laws and regulations change rapidly, so even when the information contained in this site or in the bulletins is constantly updated, it may present inaccuracies or omissions. , of which the partners, employees or offices linked to the firm will not have any responsibility over it. In addition, the responsibility of each office linked to Russell Bedford's national network is limited. Please contact your professional advisor before taking any action based on this information.

We have seen in Russell Bedford a professional and reliable firm which is capable to handle the job and process according with authorities’ compliance. This is a company that we are pleasant to recommend to for audit and tax advisory services

Javier Sánchez, Dir. General Adjunto, Sintenovo